The Elliott Society

The Elliott SocietyThe Elliott Society, created in honor of Bishop Robert Woodward Barnwell Elliott, the founder of our school, recognizes Saint Mary's Hall donors for their commitment to independent school education. Elliott Society members include alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and other friends and supporters who make legacy gifts to Saint Mary's Hall in their estate plans. Elliott Society members understand the critical need to strengthen Saint Mary's Hall's future by providing gifts that build the school's endowment. The income generated from these gifts provides essential financial support for all aspects of Saint Mary's Hall. Through their wills, trusts, or other estate gifts, Elliott Society members ensure the continued vitality of Saint Mary's Hall from one generation to the next.


  • Wanda Wiley Atkinson (Class of 1910)+
  • Kenneth Bethune (Class of 2001)
  • Betty Osborn Biedenharn (Class of 1941)+
  • Jeanne Blomster-Hughey
  • Ruth McLean Bowers (Class of 1938)+
  • Elise and Craig Boyan
  • Ruth Chapman Cowles and Andrew G. Cowles Memorial Trust
  • Joanne Furtek Cox
  • Rose Muckerman Ezzell+
  • Mildred McCall Fike (Class of 1943)+
  • Magdalene Anthony Flannery
  • Hugh K. Foster+
  • Rupert N. Gresham Jr.+
  • Mary Ann Myerscough Huber (Class of 1939)
  • Zula Gaddis Jiggitts+
  • Alice Kleberg Reynolds Meyer (Class of 1949)+
  • Whitney Solcher Miller (Class of 1997)
  • Mary Anne Chittim Parker (Class of 1940)+
  • Ellison Witt Phelps (Class of 1938)+
  • Jacquelyn E. Ramsdell (Class of 1944)+
  • Lesley and Mark Remington
  • Ramona F. Seeligson+
  • Jocelyn Levi Straus (Class of 1949)
  • Jacqueline B. Tapp (Class of 1954)+
  • Dr. John K. Weinberg
  • Margaret C. Williams (Class of 1979)

+ deceased